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14 Fun Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Whether you have one year or one decade under your belt, these date night ideas for married couples are guaranteed to snap you out of your routine and rekindle the romance.

Listen, we get it. With your wedding in the rearview mirror, it’s all too easy to sink into comfortable habits and let true wooing fall by the wayside. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of swoon-worthy activities, from the classic to the creative, with something for every kind of couple.

The experts say you should never stop dating your life partner. Taking the time to consciously reconnect reminds you both why you appreciate each other and keeps the fire burning for the long haul.

14 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

So read on to find which of these date ideas for married couples will make you feel like it’s your first meeting all over again!

Take a Food Tour in Your Own City

Going on a local food tour is a great date night idea for foodie couples
Going on a local food tour is a great date night idea for foodie couples

Just like a long-term relationship, when you live in one place for many years, you sometimes forget to step back and appreciate everything that makes it so special.

On this date, you’ll play tourist in your own city, getting the chance to see it with fresh eyes (and taste it with a fresh palate). 

Pro tip: Pick a neighborhood you don’t typically spend much time in, or scan the itinerary to make sure it doesn’t include any already familiar spots.

A local food tour is the perfect activity for two, complete with shareable small plates, ice creams, hand-in-hand strolls, and perhaps the discovery of your new favorite date night restaurant.

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and we have a feeling this outing will prove just that!

Build Your Own At-Home Wine Tasting

Another fun date night ideas for married couples is a DIY wine tasting

Date night ideas for married couples don’t have to break the bank! A DIY wine tasting is as affordable as it is adorable, yet it still feels a touch extravagant.

To set it up, simply purchase 3-5 bottles of wine–as high or low-cost as you prefer. 

You can also use anything you already have at home. Then, decorate your “wine bar” (aka kitchen table or living room sofa). We’re talking mood lighting, rose petals, and a jazz music playlist.

Feel free to add an element of playfulness! Pour out small tastings of each wine, and see if your partner can rank them from most to least expensive. 

Or play sommelier and invent your own names, labels, and tasting note descriptions–after sufficient swirling and sipping, of course.

This wine-tasting experience is one of our favorite at-home date ideas!

Feel the Butterflies at Your Local Amusement Park

Visit the local amusement park for a thrilling date night idea for married couples

An amusement park may sound more like the territory of first outings and young lovers, but that’s exactly what makes it one of the best date night ideas for married couples!

Even if you don’t have little ones of your own, this is an opportunity to embrace your inner child and get back to the basics.

Hold your partner’s hand on a rollercoaster, enjoy a romantic Ferris wheel ride, share some fried food, and take turns trying to win each other prizes in the arcade.

By the end of the night, you’ll be feeling like kids again–giddy, joyful, and head over heels in love!

Host a Themed Dinner Party

Romantic table setting

Bringing together creativity, quality time, and a great meal, it’s hard to go wrong with a themed dinner party. 

Plus, there are endless possibilities when it comes to your concept.

One of our favorites? Choose a country to base the night around. Think Japanese bites, sushi, and floor seating reminiscent of Japan, or spiffy outfits and greasy comfort food in honor of the 1950s American diner scene.

Alternatively, embrace your inner nerds and opt for a Star Wars or Harry Potter theme. 

One advantage of this option is that your dinner party can be followed by a movie marathon.

Design the menu (5 courses, anyone?), create an elaborate tablescape, and dress to the nines. 

Whether you choose to invite guests or not, really bring the pomp and circumstance with this one–that’s half the fun!

Binge an Entire Series

Married couple watching a movie at home

If just reading the last idea has you flustered, perhaps opt for one of our more laidback date night ideas for married couples. 

After all, a good Netflix binge requires next to no planning–you just have to agree on a show. Caution: this may be harder than it appears.

Are there any popular series you’ve both been dying to catch up on? A nostalgic sitcom you’d love to revisit? Perhaps a thought-provoking documentary you can’t wait to discuss with your partner?

Once that subject is settled, make a quick snack run for popcorn, candy, frozen pizzas, fresh fruit, and any other goodies you’ll need as part of your TV table spread. 

Or simply order online and get viewing fuel delivered straight to your door.

This binge can be done in a single night or stretched out over the weekend for even more fun.

Pamper Yourselves With a Couples Massage

A couple massage is definitely an awesome  date night ideas for married couples
A couple massage is definitely an awesome date night ideas for married couples

You both work hard! Why not take an evening off, tap into your shared bank account, and treat yourselves to a luxury spa experience?

Keep things classic with a couples massage, or indulge in a full package, which typically includes all kinds of romantic extras, as a private jacuzzi soaks for two or fruit platters and complimentary champagne.

Take advantage of the peace and privacy by having some intimate conversations. 

You could work through a relationship check-in (Think of questions like “What’s working well in our relationship right now?” or “Is there anything we can do to better support each other?” Perhaps set some couple goals together.

Taking such a big step outside your day-to-day routines makes this date super memorable, and you’re sure to return to “normal life” feeling refreshed, recharged, and more in love than ever.

Check Out a New Exhibition at Your Favorite Museum

Visiting a museum is another fun date idea for married couples
Dinosaur specimen of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Kit Leong/ Shutterstock

When planning out date night ideas for married couples, it may seem as though every avenue has already been explored. 

But remember–old favorites can always be made new again!

Even if you’ve visited all the noteworthy museums in your area, exhibitions, and events are frequently changing, so chances are you can catch a show or temporary installment you haven’t seen before.

Look up the calendar for your go-to institution. Perhaps you can take a sketching class at an art gallery or catch a particular flower in bloom at your local arboretum. 

Many museums have seasonal extended hours that make for a fun evening out.

Keep an open mind with this one and you’ll be surprised at all the possibilities you find!

Flip Through Your Wedding Photos and Reminisce

A loving young couple going through a photo album together

Prepare to shed some tears in this nostalgic, slightly sappy date idea for married couples.

You’d be surprised at how many emotions come flooding back when you revisit photos, wedding videos, and other mementos from your special day.

Before you know it, you’ll be swapping sentimental stories and recalling details you thought you had forgotten.

Perhaps you still have a guest book all your friends and family wrote in. Reread it and send some handwritten notes out to these people, showing how much you still appreciate them.

If you never had a wedding album put together (or are wanting to refresh an old one), turn this into an arts and crafts activity! 

Hit the local scrapbooking store for stickers, colorful paper, markers, and more, then get to work cutting, pasting, and decorating.

Bust Out Your Best Karaoke Duet

Music-loving couples would love a karaoke night for a date night

Although perhaps more reminiscent of drunken college nights, karaoke is an activity that shouldn’t have an age limit.

And when you think of all the iconic love song duets out there, it quickly becomes obvious why this is one of our favorite double date ideas for couples.

Some of our favorites include Elvis’ “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease, and “Shallow” from A Star is Born.

See if your favorite venue hosts an open mic night, or head straight to a karaoke bar with your setlist in mind. 

Feel free to invite a few of your couple friends–the more, the merrier for this one!

Stargaze in Your Own Backyard

Easily one of our most romantic date night ideas for married couples is stargazing in your own backyard

Easily one of our most romantic date night ideas for married couples, this simple but swoon-worthy activity puts things in perspective and reminds you to cherish every moment, big and small. (Plus, it’s free!)

Check the weather forecast for a clear night coming up, then stockpile snacks, fresh fruit, and a bottle of wine (or two). 

You can even pack a full midnight picnic with your favorite food to enjoy under the stars!

Then, it’s time to get comfortable under the night sky. If you have a lawn, lay out a large blanket and plenty of pillows or a pair of folding chairs. 

Truly outdoorsy couples may want to extend it into a whole night of backyard camping.

This romantic date idea is also totally doable for city dwellers. Head to your fire escape or terrace if your building has either or set up shop in a safe local park.

This summer date idea is perfect for couples who love outdoor activities.

Pull Out Scrabble for a Flirty Game Night

Scrabble letters spelling ‘Love’ on a vintage scrabble board
Chakrit Yenti / Shutterstock

Whether you guys are 28 or 88, a cozy game night is always a good idea. 

So whip out the old Scrabble board and settle in. For a fun and flirty twist: Only love-themed words or words that remind you of your partner are allowed.

However, if wordplay isn’t your thing, there are so many other board games perfect for pairs.

Grab one of those saucy get-to-know-you card decks and swap stories you’ve never told your partner before. 

Spark some friendly competition over Monopoly. You can even go all out and surprise your special someone with a scavenger hunt full of memories you’ve shared together.

Sign Up for a Ballroom Dance Lesson

Signing up for a ballroom dance lesson is another awesome date night idea for married couples

If the last time you cut a rug together was at your wedding, then it’s time to dust off your dancing shoes and indulge in one of our favorite ideas for date night for married couples: a ballroom dance lesson.

This activity is the perfect blend of fun, fitness, and romance. Plus, should you find that you both enjoy it, you can turn it into a weekly or monthly activity and build on your skills.

Prefer to stay at home and save some money? There are plenty of classes on YouTube, too. Just turn the living room into your dance floor and put on your favorite song.

When the lesson is over and you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a big dinner together. After all, you’ve earned it!

Roll the Windows Down on a Spontaneous Road Trip

A spontaneous road trip would be a memorable date idea for married couples

This date is a great way to mix some adventure and spontaneity into your usual routine. 

You can turn it into a full-blown weekend getaway or keep things short and sweet.

Even a quick outing to a nearby neighborhood or natural area can feel like a proper road trip, as long as you include an excellent playlist, car snacks, and gas station stops to pick up cheesy souvenirs.

For an extra challenge, leave your phones at home, and take off with just a paper map to guide you. 

You may end up somewhere completely unexpected, but that’s part of the fun!

Another idea: Search for quirky roadside attractions nearby. The US is full of these oddities, like the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas or Salvation Mountain in California, and you can start collecting one on every future trip, too.

Find Free Events Happening in Your Area

One of the cheapest date night ideas for married couples perhaps is going on free events

Put your wallets away and get ready for one of the cheapest date night ideas for married couples.

Whether you live in a city or the suburbs, your area likely boasts a wealth of monthly/weekly events that are free to the public, from poetry readings to live concerts to flea markets. All it takes is a little digging.

You can typically find such offerings on municipal websites, Facebook groups, or by word of mouth (the perfect opportunity to connect with your neighbors if you haven’t already).

Plus, you never know, this just might be your gateway into a new community or hobby!

More Creative Date Night Ideas for Couples

Here are some fun date night ideas for the two of you!

  • Play video games together
  • Lay out a blanket and have an indoor picnic
  • Have fun with a list of questions for couples
  • Have a romantic movie night

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