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17 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas to Keep Your Spark Alive

Whether you’re feeling like a homebody, trying to save some money, or just want to switch things up, these at home date night ideas are the perfect way to share a special evening with your special someone, all without having to leave the house.

Even with restaurants and movie theaters off the table, you’d be surprised by how much is possible.

Crafty couples or outdoorsy pairs, dynamic duos or lazier lovers–they’ll all find something on this list they’re excited to dive into.

With a little creativity and prep, any of these fun ideas for dates at home can be just as memorable as a night on the town.

17 At Home Date Night Ideas

So pick your favorite, or mix and match a few fun date night ideas.

Then settle in for quality time with the one you love most, using your own shared space as the ultimate backdrop for a romantic evening.

1. Spin Your Partner Around the Living Room Dance Floor

Have a fun at home date night by turning your living room into a dance hall and dance your heart out
Have a fun at home date night by turning your living room into a dance hall and dance your heart out

Push the sofas and coffee tables to the side! Your living room is now the city’s hottest dance hall, and you and your partner are ready to take over the floor.

This is one of those at home date night ideas that can be easily elevated to an active date idea.

All it takes is some mood lighting, a playlist full of groovy tunes, and a little primping before you get started.

Pick a theme for the night, like smooth jazz, slow dance-worthy ballads, 2000s hits, or lively salsa. Make sure to dress accordingly!

If the moves aren’t coming naturally, feel free to pull up a dance tutorial on YouTube and tackle some beginner choreography together.

2. Reminisce on Your Relationship With a Sentimental Memory Box

Couple reminisce old memories while looking at an old picture

If you and your partner have been together for a while, there’s probably plenty of “relationship clutter” lying around your shared space. 

But with a little creativity, these bits and pieces otherwise relegated to the junk drawer can be turned into a lasting testament to your love.

First, gather up all those little items with lots of meaning: concert or movie tickets, boarding passes, love letters, photographs, receipts from date night restaurants, wedding videos, and so on.

Then, find a decorative box to store everything in. You can even write each other sweet notes, add them to the box, and enjoy a little surprise the next time you pull it down from the shelf.

In short, a sentimental memory box is the perfect at-home date night idea for married couples!

Needless to say but this yields not only a highly romantic night but also a cheap date night.

3. Soak in a Bubble Bath for Two

Have a fun and relaxing at home date night by soaking in a bubble bath for two
Have a fun and relaxing at home date night by soaking in a bubble bath for two

Whether you’ve had a particularly stressful week or not, none of these at home date night ideas are quite as relaxing (and romantic) as a steamy, indulgent bubble bath.

Decorate the bathroom with scented candles, rose petals, incense, and tub snacks (finger foods like cheese + crackers, chocolate, or fresh fruit work best) and put on a mellow playlist.

Once you’ve got everything set up and finally figured out the perfect water temperature, there’s nothing left to do but climb in and decompress.

To make it feel extra fancy, toss in essential oils or a bath bomb. You can also incorporate a body scrub or leave-in hair treatment while you soak.

4. Draft a Couple’s Bucket List

One of the fun activities you can do on a date night at home is drafting a couple’s bucket list

It may sound a touch morbid, but a couple’s bucket list is the gift that keeps on giving!

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to brainstorm. The mission? Create a list of activities or experiences that you want to try together. From bungee jumping to dinner at a newly-opened restaurant, the sky’s the limit.

Once you get going, it can be hard to stop. Plus, you may uncover dreams and desires of each other’s that you haven’t discussed before.

Perhaps the best part? You can refer back to your bucket list anytime date night rolls around, and you need a little inspiration.

5. Compete Over Your Favorite Video Games

Another fun date night idea you can definitely do at home as having a game night with your significant other

Calling all competitive couples! Couples that game together, stay together. 

Whether you like to throw down over FIFA or work together on a Super Mario mission, video games are a fun way to bond and banter the night away.

This is exhausting work, so make sure you have a generous spread of snacks on hand to enjoy between rounds.

If you want to turn it into a double or triple date, invite a few couple friends over for a game night and compete as teams in party games like Jeopardy or Family Feud.

6. Tackle a DIY Home Improvement Project

Tackle a DIY home improvement project   for a fun and productive stay at home date night

Got a clogged drain you’ve been meaning to fix for a little too long? How about an ugly end table just begging to be spruced up? Are your walls feeling bare and in need of some homemade art?

This date night at home can be as whimsical or practical as you prefer to make it. 

Although they may not sound romantic to everyone, home improvement projects and DIY crafts both give you the chance to put your heads together to improve your shared space.

You’ll test your teamwork, plus end up with a memorable result that makes you smile every time you see it, whether it’s a working sink or a macrame lampshade.

7. Stargaze and Make S’Mores in a Night of Backyard Camping

Experience the outdoors via backyard camping during a stay at home date night

Maybe you don’t live near any natural areas. Maybe you don’t have time to take a full-blown holiday.

Well, you don’t have to go far to get your fix of the outdoors. 

As long as you have a backyard (or know someone who’d let you borrow theirs for a night), this provides (almost) all the perks of regular camping with none of the hassles.

Simply pitch your tent and fill it with comfy blankets or sleeping bags, pillows, and an inflatable mattress. You could bring a laptop and watch your favorite movies or take turns telling stories around the campfire while taking in the night sky.

For those that don’t have a firepit, pop back inside–s’mores can just as easily be made over the stove!

8. Turn Your Phones off for an Electronics-Free Evening

Couple chilling out at home without their gadgets

We’ve all been there: You’re trying to enjoy a peaceful evening with your partner when it arrives: An email from your boss, a series of texts from your friends’ group chat, a call from your mom.

To ensure that technology won’t cut in on your quality time for two, power down all the laptops, desktops, phones, smartwatches, and anything else with a screen. 

You can take things a step further by unplugging the clocks to really lose track of time.

This rule is applicable to any of our at home date night ideas, but the quiet and boredom it creates on its own may just inspire your new favorite activity!

9. Bake a Sweet Treat Together

Baking together is another great idea for a stay at home date night

Name a better combination than time with your sweetheart + a sweet homemade dessert baked with love. We’ll wait.

To find a dish that will hit the spot, call up family members for inspiration, spend time browsing through recipes online, or get adventurous and try to create something from scratch.

Cookies are our go-to because you can get creative by cutting the dough into love-themed shapes and then icing them together before digging in.

Alternatively, whip up a breakfast treat like cinnamon rolls or croissants so the anticipation can build until the next morning when you finally get to sample your creation.

10. Dream Up Your Next Romantic Getaway

Planning the next romantic getaway is another fun date ideas at home

You may be spending the evening at home, but your imagination is free to travel. A night in is an excellent time to dream up your next romantic getaway.

What is your ultimate travel goal? Is there a honeymoon destination you never got the chance to visit? What adventurous activities would you love to try for the first time together?

Although the actual travel dates may be far away, there’s no time like the present to start planning. 

Pick a place, make a holiday mood board, draft up a potential itinerary, and even check out flight prices.

Feeling bold? Go ahead and book it!

11. Pamper Each Other With an At-Home Spa Night

Pamper each other with an at-home spa night for an relaxing at-home date night

This has to be one of our favorite at home date ideas for its low price tag and endless potential. 

Soothing and super customizable, a DIY spa is just the ticket at the end of a long week.

If you’re feeling crafty, use a computer or pen and paper to design your spa menu. A few suggestions that are easy + affordable to organize: mani/pedis, face masks, massages, hair masks, and coffee scrubs.

Feeling ambitious? Many DIY masks utilize ingredients you may have lying around in your kitchen.

For a more upscale at-home spa, add glasses of champagne, chocolate-dipped strawberries, light candles, and plush robes to bundle up in.

12. Have a Karaoke Night and Duet on a Classic Love Song

Couple singing together wearing Christmas clothes

While karaoke bars are entertaining, this activity is super easy to recreate from the comfort of your own living room.

There’s an endless supply of singalong videos available on YouTube, and you can select a line-up of romantic duets.

Some of our favorites are Elvis’ “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease, and “Shallow” from A Star is Born.

For the true fanatic, an at-home karaoke machine might be a worthy investment, plus the perfect excuse to make this a regularly scheduled activity. 

Budget models can be found for as little as $50, while more professional versions cost hundreds.

13. Stoke Some Friendly Competition in Your Favorite Board Game Battle

One exciting at home date night idea is board games night

Our list of at home date night ideas wouldn’t be complete without a mention of this activity, which achieves an ideal balance between friendly competition and

There are so many games perfect for pairs. 

Classics like chess, Scrabble, and Codenames tap into your intellectual side, while saucy get-to-know-you card decks could spark conversations you and your partner haven’t gotten into yet.

Really want to test your relationship? Bring out the Monopoly board and let the games begin.

14. Share an Intimate Candlelit Dinner

certainly one of the more classic at home date night ideas is sharing an intimate candlelit dinner

This is certainly one of the more classic at home date night ideas, and it’s easy to see why. 

After all, low lighting, riveting conversation, and a home-cooked meal create a no-fail recipe for romance.

Cooking can be a team effort, or the better chef between the two can tackle dinner while the other promises to wash up afterward.

Make something simple, or go all out with a multi-course meal pairing with your favorite bottle of wine. 

Either way, the main attraction of this activity is the chance to bond over delicious food and an entirely private dining experience.

15. Create a Tipsy Portrait of Your Partner

Have an awesome at home date night filed with fun and laughter by having a DIY paint-and-sip class at home

Any couple, artsy or otherwise, has probably toyed with the idea of a paint-and-sip class for date night. 

But these outings often come with high ticket prices, so why not host your own version at home?

All you need is a bottle (or two) of your favorite wine from the supermarket, a pair of canvases, and a medium of your choice (pencils, charcoal, watercolors, etc.). Then get to sipping and sketching on your own paint night!

Instead of portraits, you could follow a Bob Ross tutorial or pick a photo from a past couple’s trip and try to recreate it on your easel.

Not only will you facilitate plenty of laughter as you attempt to create your masterpieces, but you’ll also end the date with two new pieces of art to hang on the walls.

16. Throw a Good Old Pajama Party

Throw a good old pajama party for a happy at home date night

Few at home date ideas for couples are as lighthearted and fun as a pajama party. Tap into your younger days and get goofy with matching sets, pillow fights, and late-night gossip.

As the name implies, the most important thing to nail down is your outfits. Matching onesies, thick socks, and fuzzy slippers are all encouraged–the comfier, the better.

But the nostalgia doesn’t stop there. You can also curate a playlist of throwback hits, watch old films, and snack on popcorn, boxed candy, and other sentimental treats.

17. Shake Up Your Favorite Cocktails

One of the best at home date night ideas is having a diy cocktail night

Missing your favorite local watering hole already? Never fear–this at home date night idea will turn you into the bartender and your living room into the lounge.

Many classic cocktails are surprisingly easy to put together at home, even if you don’t have professional equipment.

For extra creativity points, try experimenting with different mixes and garnishes to concoct your favorite drink. Don’t forget to give it a name!

More Ideas for a Date Night At Home

Write a list of thought-provoking questions and use them as conversation starters.

Buy a few bottles of wine from different countries or regions and have an at-home wine tasting experience.

What about a drinking game? Have a beer pong competition!

Tell ghost stories.

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