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21 Beach Date Ideas Your Partner Will LOVE

These beach date ideas are sure to make an already romantic setting even more swoon-worthy.

We’ve got something for every kind of couple on this list–classic seaside excursions, adrenaline-pumping water sports, wildlife adventures, and so much more.

Between the sunshine, crashing waves, and breathtaking views, beaches don’t need much help setting the mood. 

But there are so many creative ways to turn up the seaside romance or romantic getaway to the coast and truly make the most of everything this environment has to offer.

21 Beach Date Ideas Your Partner Will LOVE

By mixing and matching these suggestions, your date on the beach will be anything but boring!

1. Go for a Long Walk on the Beach

A leisurely stroll on the beach is a simple yet romantic beach date idea that is a tried-and-true classic
A leisurely stroll on the beach is a simple yet romantic beach date idea that is a tried-and-true classic

It’s only appropriate to kick off this list of beach date ideas with a tried-and-true classic–the leisurely stroll.

Although it may seem obvious, there are so many fun ways to customize this active date idea so it best suits you and your partner.

Prefer some solitude? Get an early start so you’ll have the sprawling shoreline to yourself. 

Feeling adventurous? Try to find a hike that incorporates some rock scrambling, swimming (don’t forget the beach towel), or altitude gain to a beautiful viewpoint so you’re not walking on sand the whole way.

This is the perfect date idea for active couples.

2. Go for a Scenic Bike Ride

A scenic tandem bike ride would be an incredible beach date idea for outdoorsy couples
A scenic tandem bike ride would be an incredible beach date idea for outdoorsy couples

With the sea breeze in your hair and the sun on your back, a tandem bike ride ought to be a go-to for any active, outdoorsy couple, especially if you’re looking for a fun morning date idea.

Pedal along the boardwalk with stops for snacks and souvenir shopping, or scout out some nature trails nearby and enjoy a more tranquil ride.

Either way, this active beach date is cheap, fun, and super easy to organize. What more can you ask for?

3. See the Stars From Your Romantic Beach Camp

Couple camping out by the beach on an RV

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting a seashore that allows camping, your date is practically planned for you.

After all, clear night skies and the sound of crashing waves are all you need to set the stage for an ultra-romantic night by the water.

Depending on your comfort level and what’s available, you could tackle the set-up of your own tent site, rent out a cabin, or even go all out and try glamping.

Beach camping is the perfect date night idea for married couples, right?

Honestly, this fun activity should be on every couple’s bucket list.

4. Pack a Picnic Basket for Two and Hit the Sand

One of the best romantic beach date ideas is having a picnic by the beach

If you prefer sitting to strolling, then our next outing might be more your speed.

Work together to curate a picture-perfect spread complete with finger sandwiches, champagne or a bottle of wine, fresh fruit, or a charcuterie board. 

For those who can’t be bothered with prep work, feel free to pick up grub from a beachside food truck!

Then just find your favorite stretch of sand (make sure it’s sheltered from the wind), lay out a big picnic blanket + some umbrellas for shade, and feed each other bites of your feast while taking in the views and the soothing sound of the ocean.

To really up the romance, you can bring candles or a floral bouquet, or scatter rose petals around your set-up. (You’ll want to find a more private beach for this romantic picnic!)

5. Try to Spot Some Local Wildlife

Try to spot some local wildlife while on a beach date

A sighting of whales, dolphins, turtles, or other sea creatures is sure to be a memory you and your special someone share for years to come.

There’s no shortage of ways to get up close and personal with the local residents, from upscale cruises to adventurous snorkeling trips.

Just make sure to research what season gives you the best chance of seeing each animal, and always support excursions that promote ethical wildlife interactions!

6. Watch the Sunset Over the Water

Another incredible beach idea is watching the sunset over the water

Nothing says romantic beach date like a beautiful sunset, especially with the ocean as your backdrop.

As your romantic evening approaches, find the perfect spot in the sand, stake out an al fresco restaurant, or climb to a viewpoint and indulge in nature’s nightly show.

To make the romantic experience even more memorable, you could dress up and book a couples’ photoshoot or purchase a cheap disposable camera and take turns capturing candid shots.

7. Catch Some Waves With a Couples’ Surf Lesson

Taking up some surfing lessons is another awesome beach date idea

Visiting a beach with a solid surf break? Take advantage of those waves and get in a salty partner workout while you’re at it.

Newbies can find an instructor to help them out or simply rent boards and start learning through trial and error.

For those who are more advanced, tandem surfing is a challenge that will help you work on your communication, teamwork, and balance–while having tons of fun in the process.

You’re sure to be exhausted (and hungry) after your surf sesh, so follow it with a romantic brunch on the boardwalk.

8. Work Together to Construct a Sand Kingdom

Building a sand castle together is an incredible beach date idea

Few cute beach date ideas for couples bring out your inner child quite like getting down and dirty while building sandcastles.

To make sure you have all the tools you need, hit a local shop for shovels, buckets, and shapers. 

You can also save some money by repurposing household items such as cups, cookie cutters, and paintbrushes or simply getting creative with sticks and seashells.

Keep things collaborative and construct your kingdom together, or turn it into a friendly competition and see who can build the tallest drip tower before they topple.

Some beaches even offer sandcastle-building lessons from the pros, so you can hone your technique and get a taste of what it takes to put together a truly impressive structure.

9. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With Your Sweetheart

Sweeten up your beach date by indulging your sweet tooth by the beach

Nothing pairs better with a beach day than a heaping cone of ice cream. Luckily, most seaside towns are overflowing with dessert shops.

To make the outing extra fun, choose each other’s flavors in secret and then swap or build a creative sundae together, taking turns picking toppings.

Enjoy your treat on the go with a stroll along the boardwalk, or find a sunny spot to sit and people-watch. Either way, the addition of ice cream is sure to make any date on the beach a little sweeter.

10. Go for a Tandem Paddle Out Past the Waves

One of the exciting activities you can do while on a beach date is tandem kayaking

As anyone who’s tried it knows, tandem kayaking takes some real couples’ coordination to get going.

This date is a three-in-one: workout, team-building activity, and an excellent way to explore the waters + see the shoreline from a new perspective. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some wildlife.

Some beaches also have marshes, canals, or other waterways that allow for longer, calmer paddling trips.

11. Dance the Night Away at an Outdoor Concert

Attending an outdoor concert is another great beach date idea

During the warmer months, many beach towns host a variety of concerts, festivals, and other live music events.

Whatever is more your speed–a seaside drum circle, a DJ set at an upscale resort, or slow songs performed by a local band–enjoying some open-air jams is sure to make for a lively date night.

12. Share a Meal at a Seaside Restaurant

Enjoying a romantic meal at a seaside restaurant is one amazing beach date idea

Bringing together delicious food and waterfront views, it’s no wonder a visit to a seaside restaurant ranks highly on any list of beach date ideas.

Make it a lunch outing for smaller crowds, or indulge at dinner time and watch the sunset over the water. 

Many boardwalk restaurants feature live music or other evening entertainment, so check out event schedules before you go.

13. Explore Underwater Worlds on a Snorkeling Excursion

Snorkeling by the beach is an exciting beach date idea

Few beach date ideas help you get in touch with your beautiful surroundings quite like this one.

Snorkeling is a great way to cool off, enjoy the water, get in a workout, and spot local wildlife all at once. Plus, with two pairs of eyes, you’ll spot even more!

Depending on the conditions and the accessibility of snorkeling sights in your area, you can go via a guided tour or simply buy your own gear and hit the water.

In fact, we recommend packing a snorkel set for every beach vacation, as it saves you from having to rent at higher prices.

Click here to find snorkel activities near you

14. Hang On Tight on a Thrilling Jet Ski Ride

hoping on a jet ski with your partner is a thrilling beach date idea to try out

Each of our beach date ideas is designed to help you get closer to your partner, but this one takes it literally.

After all, whoever is riding in the back will have to hold their special someone close on this fast-paced, adrenaline-filled outing. Or, snag two and race each other!

Jet ski rentals are typically quite easy to arrange, whether through your accommodation or from a shop along the boardwalk.

Head out for a short spin or go all in with a jet ski tour, which typically includes island hopping, snorkeling, sightseeing, lunch, or other fun activities as well.

15. Search for Tiny Treasures in the Tide Pools

Another exciting date idea by the beach is going  on beach combing walk

A valuable lesson for relationships, tide pools are the perfect reminder to appreciate the little things.

Check the tide charts before planning this one, as you’ll need to visit when the water is low, and you have more area to explore.

Then, take your time exploring the nooks and crannies of the seashore, admiring the incredible abundance of life hiding in plain sight, from tiny minnows to giant crabs.

If the beach you’re visiting doesn’t have any tide pools, you could also try out beachcombing and search for beautiful rocks or shells along the waterline.

Just a reminder: For both activities, don’t remove anything from the area, and don’t handle living creatures like coral, sea stars, or sand dollars.

16. Try Some Partner Poses in a Beach Yoga Class

Yoga by the beach is a fun beach date idea to loosen up some muscles

With so many beach activities to explore, it’s also important to slow things down and reconnect–with yourself and your partner.

Many beach towns host outdoor yoga classes (sometimes for free!), or you can bring some mats down to the sand and practice on your own.

Looking for more of a challenge? Save some partner poses you find online and (safely) try to get into them yourselves. Should you fall, the sand provides a soft cushion, and the sea is there to cool you off after!

17. Find Your Balance on a SUP Ride

Stand-up paddleboarding will have you and your partner wobbling, laughing, and working up a sweat as you master the balance and ride the waves.

You can take things easy and lie out on your boards once you reach calmer waters, or throw in a challenge with activities like SUP yoga or even SUP surfing.

Rent individually or opt for a 2-person board to really test your teamwork!

18. Win Your Partner a Prize at the Pier

Another beach date idea that is sure to bring a lot of fun is going out on a carnival by the beach

We’ve all seen The Notebook, and any fan of romance can’t help but swoon at the carnival scene.

Between shareable snacks, cozy Ferris wheel rides, and the chance to take home a giant teddy bear, it’s clear why an outing to the pier is one of the most iconic beach date ideas.

Stuff yourselves with cotton candy, compete at arcade games, and hit a photo booth for an adorable, easily packable souvenir.

If your local pier doesn’t double as a theme park, then a simple stroll out over the water and some stargazing are just as swoon-worthy.

19. Team Up in a Game of Beach Volleyball

Teaming up in a beach volleyball match is one fun beach date idea for sporty couples

Calling all sporty couples! Before rewarding yourself with a plunge into the water, work up a sweat with a rousing game of beach volleyball. Most areas have courts set up and ball rental available nearby.

If you can find another pair willing to play, this beach game is the perfect chance to test your teamwork and get into some lighthearted competition.

20. Feel the Sea Breeze on a Romantic Cruise

A romantic cruise is definitely a great beach date idea

While a cruise may sound pricey, there are options for any kind of budget and activity level–it just takes a bit of digging.

Save money by joining a bigger boat tour, or check if there are free/low-cost local ferries (you get basically the same views, after all). 

On the higher end, you can indulge in dinner and drinks out on the water or even opt for a private charter.

Whichever approach you choose, an ocean cruise is inherently romantic and sure to provide photo-ops and memorable moments galore.

Click here to find a cruise near you

21. Snuggle Up Around a Roaring Bonfire

Snuggling up around a roaring bonfire is another incredible beach date idea for outdoorsy couples

This activity, quite literally, sends sparks flying–which makes it a must for any romantic night on the beach.

Pull up a sitting log with room for two, or bring plenty of pillows and cozy blankets for a plusher set-up.

You’re sure to score brownie points with your significant other if you come prepared. Pack a tote bag full of campfire snacks like popcorn, candy, and (of course) ingredients for s’mores.

The truly ambitious chefs can try out more complex open-fire dishes, like foil-pack fries, loaded nachos, or pizza pockets. There are plenty of recipes online for inspiration.

Once you’ve got the fire roaring, stoke the romance with some slow jams on a speaker (bonus if you bring your own guitar), or delve into meaningful conversations while watching the stars above.

That’s what we call a romantic beach date night!

Final Words on Beach Date Ideas

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to spend some quality time together while having a fun beach day.

Whether your idea of a perfect beach date is going on a scavenger hunt or watching the sunset and beautiful scenery, this date has everything to create unforgettable memories!

Enjoy the natural beauty, spend some time in nature, and create a romantic atmosphere—you’ll have lasting memories!

Which of these romantic date ideas on the beach are your favorite ones?

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